Bioiatriki Healthcare Group

Bioiatriki Healthcare Group is a leading private Primary Health Care (PHC) provider which has 56 autonomous Diagnostic Centers in Greece and Cyprus and has more than three million visits per year.

The Group, in 2017, has set a growth course in the Republic of Cyprus, implementing a multidimensional investment program which always aims to achieve the vision of its founder to provide innovative and easily accessible health services to all citizens without any geographical, social, and economic exclusions.

In 2019 Bioiatriki Healthcare Group proceeds to extensive interventions of upgrading both the services and the facilities of YIANNOUKAS MEDICAL LABORATORIES and ALPHA EVRESIS resulting in the creation of 16 modern centers for the provision of clinical, sampling, and medical imaging services. Moreover, becomes one of the first to collaborate with GESY (Health Insurance Agency of Cyprus), offering, from the first moment, all its units and services without any discrimination.


Quality Management Systems (QMS) for the management and continuous improvement of services

Bioiatriki Healthcare Group’s nature is characterized by the constant commitment to quality. Our aim is the provision of high-quality services, maximization of patients’ benefit, and development of workforce through continuous education and evaluation.

In any case, BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group is the first private Primary Health Care provider that recognized the necessity of the application of QMS with rational, scientific, operational, and environmental standards for the management and continuous improvement of services.


Yiannoukas Medical Laboratories: Medical Laboratory Accreditation – ISO 15189

Alpha Evresis: ISO 9001:2008, European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme Regulation EMAS 1221/2009 & CYS ΕΝ ISO 14001:2004.


Yiannoukas Medical Laboratories

BIOIATRIKI HEALTHCARE GROUP following a public tender, undertakes the design, equipment, staffing and overall operation of the German Oncology Center’s clinical laboratory within its facilities. Moreover invests in the complete modernization and automation of the main laboratory of YIANNOUKAS MEDICAL LABORATORIES and in the complete upgrade of processes such as the organization, operation, and provision of medical services, with emphasis on the introduction of new digital tools, reorganization and modernization of the systems and equipment, the introduction of extensive quality procedures, and the qualitative and numerical upgrade of its scientific staff in all sampling centers.

As a member of Bioiatriki Healthcare group, Yiannoukas Medical Laboratories:

  • Provide more than 3500 diagnostic tests
  • Cover all the tests offered by GESY
  • All tests’ results are validated by the microbiologists - biopathologists of the medical laboratory team.


Alpha Evresis
ALPHA EVRESIS Diagnostic Center is Bioiatriki Healthcare Group’s medical imaging member in Cyprus, providing high quality services in the field of PHC, utilizing new technologies, introducing new specialized diagnostic methods, and using special therapeutic approaches through interventional radiology. 

There are two diagnostic units, one in Athalassas Avenue, and the second in Limassol Avenue. Currently, Alpha Evresis is equipped by:

  • 2 Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) UNITS,
  • 1 Computed Tomography (CT),
  • 3 Ultrasound (US),
  • 2 Digital – XRAYS,
  • 2 Dual-Energy X-RAY Absorptiometry (DEXA),
  • 2 Digital Mammograms (Mammography),
  • 1 Fibroscan (Transient Elastography) UNIT,
  • 1 Cone-Beam Computed Tomography System (CBCT)
  • 1 Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS)


Polydynamo Center in Nicosia

Today, almost five years after that first bold step, the Group shows a steadily growing presence in Cyprus with more than 100,000 visits per year at its 17 branches in Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca and Paphos. The capstone of this expansion was in 2020 with the establishment of the first Polydynamo Center in Nicosia.

Polydynamo Center is located on Limassol Avenue and is a state-of-the-art establishment in terms of design and functionality, which combines, under the same roof, medical testing by Yiannoukas Medical Laboratories and diagnostic examinations by Alpha Evresis Diagnostic Center.

The Center is staffed with experienced and well-trained scientific personnel and is equipped with advanced technological medical equipment, from which stands out the first in Cyprus and Greece and only third in Europe, the Lumina 3T MRI by Siemens with artificial intelligence (AI), which is interconnected with cinternational databases and thus offers the most valid and accurate diagnostic results in the shortest time possible. At the same time, the Center has a 3D Mammogram with Tomosynthesis, a Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) for the measurement of bone density featuring an additional special software for full body fat calculation, a FIBROSCAN (Transient Elastography), and a new, modern Digital X-Ray of low radiation.

The Center will also house within the year the new fully automated central clinical laboratory of the Group, where the whole process of sample analysis, from sampling to test results, will be run robotically, thus maximizing the quality and reliability of examinations, as their processing time and the possibility of human error are minimized. On top of that, visitors will be able to watch the whole process thanks to the special configuration of the room.

Bioiatriki Healthcare Group with the continuous development, learning and adapting to the needs of the Cypriot Economy and Healthcare system is one of the most innovative providers, and will certainly continue to work towards the upgrade of services standards.

Company Information
Number of Employees 101-1000