Dr. Andreas Loizou

Dr. Andreas Loizou was born at Kakopetria, Cyprus in 1978.

He studied at the Solea Gymnasium and Lyceum and graduated at 1996 with numerous distinctions and awards. He scored an 19.5 mark at his graduation diploma and received an honour scholarship from CSF.

After completing his army service, he enrolled the University Of Athens  / Dental School in 1998.

During his early studies he was a leading personality in the Dental Department and was granted in 2000 with the GSF scholarship for being among the the top 2 high ranked students of his class. He attended many local and international seminars regarding dentistry and general medicine. His first research activity was in 2002 named STUDY OF THE CAVITY DEPTH CREATED WITH AN AIR ABRASION SYSTEM IN DIFFERENT DENTAL MATERIALS. He graduated in 2003 with remarks being among the top 5% of the graduated students.

In 2003 he got accepted at the international program of post-graduated students  at the Department Of Orthodontics at Tel Aviv University. He graduated in 2006 with distinction and the degree of Magna Cum Laude and was awarded with the Bert Levin Foundation award.

In 2006 he organized and completed his master in Orthodontics with title Tightness of Dental Contact Point when high VS light bite forces are applied. Following the evolution of Orthodontics he got the necessary training and got qualified for both the most recent aesthetic techniques, Incognito lingual orthodontics and INVISALGN system and admitted numerous seminars on contemporary orthodontic techniques as well as many revised classic ones.

Since 2006 he works as a specialized orthodontist registered in the Cyprus Dental Association and the Cyprus Orthodontic Society. His practise is limited in orthodontics.

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